We believe that well-kept and beautiful teeth are not luxury. They are important parts of health and beauty.

Pika Dental’s newly opened dental surgery offers you the very best solution for dental care in Budapest, Hungary. In order to accomplish the statement, Pika dental is the pioneer in using state of the art materials combined with the most advanced dental methods available Worldwide.



Are they good enough?

We are sure they are! With the company leader Károly Pika’s 30 years of experience in denturism there’s no way to miss anything.


Titanium implants

Dental implants imitate the look and feel of natural teeth – and titanium is the best for that.


PFM crowns (CAD/CAM)

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns provide strong compression and white tooth-like look.


Removable tooth prostheses

If all of the patient’s teeth are missing, a complete prosthesis is the solution.



If you are missing a single tooth, one implant and a crown can replace it.


Removable implant prostheses

Unlike traditional removable dentures fixed to the implants do not slacken, do not move.


Crowns and bridges

Bridges and crowns cover your teeth to help restore them to their normal shape and size.



Dr. Boglárka Majtényi


Working for Pika Dental since 2013. Her special interests are cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. She stated “Precision, accuracy and empathy are very important for me, when I’m treating patients”.

Dr. Péter Kassai

Dentist, Implantologist

Dr. Kassai has been working as a dentist and implantologist for 25 years. During his university years, he was already been practicing in Schladming, Austria where he learned the best and latest technologies.